LoL, Sandra Photos: Courtesy of Chanel, © Oliver Saillant, © AP

It is not the first time CHANEL is collaborating with Colette. In 2011, the French Maison already had a pop-up store at the legendary Parisian boutique. Back then, you were able to get your favorite CHANEL bag customized for example (see photo above). Over the years, they have also created...

LoL, Sandra Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Thank God, Sandra's Closet is full of little treasures that I have collected over many years... here is what I came up with. 1920s fashion is considered one of the most glamorous decades in fashion history. It was all about short flapper dresses in loose fitting that allowed women to...

LoL, Sandra Stills: © Chanel

Brocade-infused one-piece swimsuits, floral-sleeve frocks, gold-embroidered denim vests, and sheer ruffled skirts, will surely be among Chanel's new season bestsellers. The models wore cute wigs tied back with large bows (like a copy of Karl Lagerfeld's own hairdo) and pink eye shadow and...

LoL, Sandra Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

LoL, Sandra Photos: Via Getty Images and Courtesy of Chanel

LoL, Sandra Photos: Courtesy of Chanel

See you there! LoL, Sandra Photos: Courtesy of Chanel


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