Are you feeling the whole tag-team collaboration between husband and wife? Will this fragrance be on your Valentine's Day gift list? Talk to me Glamazons! Oh and check out the commercial for the fragrance...umm, I'm at a loss for words with this one so I'll let you critique: Glam or Silly...

00 Check out her two fragrance commercials below: Heat Heat Rush What do you think Glamazons? Are you ready to feel the Rush? Ciao Bellas! Glamazon Margo

What do you think Glamazons, is Rihanna on the brink of creating a new signature hairstyle, or is she in need of a beauty intervention? Is the red afro GLAM or a SHAM? Ciao Bellas, Glamazon Margo

Are you excited about this perfume, or do you think celebrity fragrances are just another marketing ploy? Ciao Bellas, Glamazon Margo

Are you excited to get fab for the Superbowl festivities? Who are you rooting for? Ciao Bellas! Glamazon Margo

Glamazon Margo over at Glamazons Blog has you covered with an actual video tutorial! Not only informative, but she has the cutest country accent! Enjoy! Boys Shouldn't Have Pink Toes:Well according to a FOX News contributor, they shouldn't. Apparently Jenna Lyons' son favorite color is hot...

" What's your take on this, Glamazons? Will you be shopping from this new fragrance boutique? Ciao Bellas! Glamazon Margo

Are you excited about Kristen becoming Neutrogena's newest it-girl? Will/do you use the products? (I'm still holding out that a beauty brand will notice my great skin and give me a six figure salary as well hahaha) Ciao Bellas, Glamazon Margo

Either way, if this perfume smells divine, then my take on how crystal should smell won't really matter! Glamazons, are you looking forward to this new fragrance? Do you like the thought of spritzing bottled bling on yourselves? Ciao Bellas! Glamazon Margo


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