Much Love, Vivianna x

Any secret tips you ladies have when it comes to your nails? Please do share :) Much Love, Vivianna x

I curled my hair with my GHD's last night then just ran my fingers through it this morning, I love the look of curled hair after it has been slept on - is that weird? Hope you liked this new type of post :) Let me know if you would like to see more! Much Love, Vivianna x

Plus, it looks amazing on the lips! Have any of you ladies tried these? Any more cream blusher recommendations? The Jemma Kidd ones look lush! Much Love, Vivianna x P.S) I had my first exam today! 1 down, 3 to go! Good luck to any of you ladies with exams :)

So my advice to anyone who is brow-challenged as I have been, is to step away from the tweezers and and embrace a bit of brow :) Much Love, Vivianna x

Vivianna Does Makeup is officially MADEOVER!!!! I hope you like it, and I would love to hear your feedback. I have tried to make is streamlined and user-friendly without losing it's original 'feel'. If any of you ladies need any help with changing up your blog layouts then let me know, I...

Ahhhh that has got me all worked up into a lipstick frenzy! If you haven't done this TAG already I would love to see you do it, link it up below - I TAG EVERYONE :) Much Love, Vivianna x

I think I can safely say that all of the above will be purchased when P10P is over! What products feature on your guys wishlists? Let me know :) I might have to add a few more products to mine ;) Much Love, Vivianna x

Vivianna Does Makeup is the grand ol' age of 1 today!!! I can't believe that a year has gone so fast! It only seems like yesterday that I became immersed in the beauty community by the likes of Lollipop26and Pixiwoo'sand decided to start up my own blog. Vivianna Does Makeup was born a...

Much Love, Vivianna x P.S) Last night Vivianna Does Makeup reached a pretty momentous 1000 followers! Thank you so much everyone! I never expected 2 people to give a hoot about what I had to say let alone 1000 of you! It seriously made my day and I did a little dance to celebrate :D


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