So what say you? Lust or Must? Love, A

Lust or Must? Love, A

I guess this is a bit of a Lust or Must showdown, if you will. And the voting begins... now! Love, P

So, as with so many Lusts or Must before, I put it to you: yay or nay? Love, P

Pair this week's lavender Helene Berman skirt with a pastel blue cotton crepe blazer, a link bracelet, & a pair of nude pumps. Reuse Wednesday's snake-print tote, and toss in a notebook in case you need to jot down ideas. Friday Nightlife: Embrace this season's daring fashion trend:...

(Very suitable for Northern Cali almost any time of the year!) So what's the word? Lust? Or Must? Love, A

What fringy fashion are these ladies pioneering this time? Both Mother Monster and Rih are making a case for a new vacation must-have accessory: the hole hat. What's a hole hat? Simply put, it's a hat with the whole crown busted out, leaving a giant hole for your hair to cascade out of it....

I am posting this to you as a "Lust or Must?" but the answer seems obvious. Happy yachting. Love, A

With that in mind, we present to you a holiday essential we believe no vacation should be without – the straw trilby hat. This simple (yet somewhat necessary) accessory by Rag & Bone is constructed from black woven straw and made in the USA. What set this trilby apart from the rest however...

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