So what say you? Lust or Must? Love, A

Lust or Must? Love, A

I can't say I was surprised to see it walking down the street after having seen it walk down the spring/summer runways early last fall, and I must admit every time one walks by, I turn my head. Not necessarily in a "Wow, what is she wearing?" kind of way. It's more quizzical than...

I guess this is a bit of a Lust or Must showdown, if you will. And the voting begins... now! Love, P

So, as with so many Lusts or Must before, I put it to you: yay or nay? Love, P

(Very suitable for Northern Cali almost any time of the year!) So what's the word? Lust? Or Must? Love, A

I love the gold and I love the chain, I just can't be sure if I'll get sick of the the interlinking rope circles. At first sight, I say there's no way I'll get tired of it! It is and will remain a classic, but then I begin to doubt... What do you think? Love, P

So, what's the word? Am I a disillusioned fashionista just making excuses to shop? Or is this Lust really a Must? Love, A

I am posting this to you as a "Lust or Must?" but the answer seems obvious. Happy yachting. Love, A

Zara is my absolute favorite fast fashion store. This is for one simple reason: many of their super affordable items look and feel expensive. Over the weekend, I hit up my local Zara location to scout the newest arrivals for must-have items. After plowing through a dressing room full of...


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