3.1 Phillip Lim shoes

3.1 Phillip Lim shoes tips

Phillip Lim shoe style

Shoes by the designer Phillip Lim do of course follow the general style of the brand, which mixes a contemporary elegance to simple cuts. Colors are generally quite sober but some very bright or surprising elements can be found here and there. These shoes are studied to fit the everyday life of the urban girl who needs to walk, move, go quick and who lives fast all the time. Heels are thus sometimes high but comfortable or with a platform. In Phillip Lim’s eyes, this urban look doesn’t go against femininity and has a much modern glamour in it, far from the past nostalgia. Phillip Lim is with no doubt a designer of the 21st century.

How to wear 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes?

Androgynous styles, lanky bodies, fans of the female-male look will love this brand’s shoes that would be particularly look good with nicely cut trousers or, in a more casual way, with jeans and a leather jacket. Why not also play on a Phillip Lim total look by finding inspiration in the refined cuts that can be seen in the brand’s collections, with comfortable and smooth fabrics as these shoes definitely have that same touch.

Buy some Phillip Lim

You will easily find Phillip Lim shoes on the Internet with websites such as Net-a-Porter and its own official eshop (only available in the US), or in stores, the brand having flagships in New York and Los Angeles. The shoes are generally made of leather and greatly handcrafted details. How much? Count about $500 and up to $800 for a pair of brand new shoes by Phillip Lim. Too expensive? Wait for sales that can be very interesting or even better, have a look at outlet stores, online or not. http://fffflash.com/women_shoes_31-phillip-lim


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