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Shoes by Chloé and their fashion styles

The accessory line by the luxury French label Chloé includes a wide choice of shoes that many women would like. Choices are quite large with boots, ankle boots, pumps or ballerina flats. Chloé always manages to keep this classic style peculiar to the label while bringing some very modern and trendy elements like golden details, buckles, uncommon and delicate cuts. The shoes are usually made of quality leather and will dress your feet all season long and even longer.

How to wear a pair of Chloé shoes?

Thanks to their simplicity, the Chloé shoes are quite easy to match and will fit many looks. Some items of the collections are quite remarkable for their bold colors such as red or gold, but the label usually prefers using more classic shades with black, brown or beige that won’t be too difficult to wear. You can of course wear these shoes in outfits with the same styles as the label’s – a bit seventies, always elegant but simple – or adapt them to other looks. Whatever you chose to do, these shoes are quite perfect for the everyday life, whether it be thanks to their comfortable heels or flats well thought for the foot. Shoes by Chloé will follow you in many activities, and will fit the work place as much as more casual moments, when going out for example.

Buy Chloé shoes

Ballet flats usually cost about $450, pumps and boots can go up to alsmot $2000. Chloé has a few flagships in America (addresses are available on the label’s website), but also at retailers such as Bloomigdale’s or Nordstrom. You can of course also find the label and its shoes on the Internet. Check luxury outlet stores or wait for sales to buy cheaper Chloé shoes.


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