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Louboutin and the red soles

Louboutin’s trademark probably is one of most famous ones in the world of fashion and can be recognized in one glance: red soles, and more precisely Pantone Red 18.1663TP. All the label’s shoes have soles covered with this exact tone. How did the designer have the idea for a red sole? The story is simple but funny: when he was just beginning his career, he one day used his assistant’s nail polish to paint the sole of one his shoes. The idea would stick, becoming even more than a symbol for the label, being sometimes the object of fetishism. They represent glamor and ultra-femininity, whether it be for the black pumps, boots, ankle boots or sandals. In addition to their soles, the Louboutin shoes always have particular details like studs and buckles that celebrities like Dita Von Teese enjoy.

Christian Louboutin for men

Christian Louboutin was only making shoes for women for a long while but some men really wanted to taste for themselves this red sole frenzy. The singer Mika was particularly attracted to the glamor of Louboutin and asked the designer if he could design for him a pair of shoes. As a result, Christian Louboutin launched in 2011 a line for men. The style is more classic than for women, but with a lot of elegance, and of course the very much loved red soles.

Cheap Louboutin shoes

Louboutin pumps might be a dream for many women, not everyone can afford them. You will some cheaper ones during sales though, but also in outlet stores. Be careful though about where you buy your Louboutins – especially on ebay – as many fakes exist. If you want some classic black pumps, know that it might be difficult to find them cheaper or on sale.


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