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Converse, the shoes that will never go out of style

Everyone knows the All Star Converse sneakers, these canvas ankle-high shoes with a star-shaped logo on the side and a white sole with a black line. Who could say they never had a pair? They manage to both have this rock’n’roll something and a retro look, creating a unique style that perfectly fits our time and fashion, even if they were created more than a century ago! But their age may be the secret of this success : don’t change and you’ll stay in. Converse is the star of sneakers : Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Wayne’s World, Marie-Antoinette are a few examples of movies in which the shoes became as important as the actors wearing them. In everyday day, they are a must-have, the shoes you will wear to festivals and gigs. They are comfortable and even more, can be worn with jeans as much as with a dress that will thus instantly become less classy and cooler. With All Star Converse at your feet, you will get your rebellious mind back and will never forget to stay young.

The different type of sneakers made by Converse

The Converse shoes fall into four categories. The Chuck Taylor All Star are the most classic shoes, the one from the beginning and the most famous. They exist in several highs and many colors. The One Star have the same look but more modern, with a streetstyle inspiration and visible seams. The Star Chevron put the star-shaped logo on front by changing it a bit. Last but not least, the Jack Purcell shoes are more about simplicity. Whatever the collection be, Converse shoes are quite cheap, but if you are looking for something really cheap, no doubt you will find something during sales.


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