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Italian handicraft and British style

Fiorentini & Baker was the result of the work of Gianpaolo Fiorentini, interior designer, and his associate Deborah Baker, shoe designer. One is a native from Bologna, Italy, the other from London. The two of them brought together two major countries of the fashion scene with different knowledge. Italy is the country known for its shoes, its handicraft, the quality of its work and its luxury while England is the place of uncommon style, being perfectly able to mix rock ‘n’ roll to tradition and always looking forward.

The Fiorentini & Baker style

Fiorentini & Baker is known for its leather boots, with this particular effect that brings a very special look. These shoes will be perfect for a very casual outfit with a bit of an adventurer mood. The label makes flat boots but also some with large heels which will suit many looks. The Fiorentini & Baker boots will be perfect with a bleached pair of denim jeans, a loose tee and a large cardigan or a leather perfecto jacket depending on the look you want to achieve. No doubt that with these shoes on your feet, the whole world is your oyster!

Fiorentini & Baker shoes: price and quality

Fiorentini & Baker is what would be expected from a brand both British and Italian and the label’s shoes are of high quality. Handmade and handicraft, the label wants to make items that are thought to last for years, and the style is simple enough to also go through seasons and trends without being put out of fashion. Nice leather, attention to details, you won’t regret buying a pair of these shoes. Brand new shoes will generally cost about $500, but will of course be cheaper during sales and in outlet stores.


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