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Gucci sees shoes as much more than a little extra to go with ready-to-wear collections, and the label thus makes a very interesting line with many items. With an Italian legacy, Gucci has a strong handicraft knowledge of shoe making and always puts quality as a priority. Styles are quite wide but whatever the pair of shoes is, elegance is the strongest feature. Pumps with high heels, knee-high boots, sandals, loafers, ballerina flats, derbies, the Gucci shoes will fit many styles and can suit an evening dress as much as a pair of denim jeans. They have the particularity of being great for bringing elegance to any outfits while not being overwhelmed by too much extravaganza. From the office to the club or quieter afternoons, it is always easy to find a pair of Gucci shoes that will suit the day.

Gucci shoes for men

Of course, Gucci also makes shoes for men and does once again play on elegance with many pairs of derbies, loafers and ankle boots. The label does not forget that any gentleman might sometimes want to dress casual and so also designs sandals and sneakers. Casual is not a synonym of a lack of elegance for Gucci though, and even the chicest men looking for high quality in anything they buy will surely be satisfies.

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Prices of course vary depending on the item and the kind of shoes but brand new Gucci shoes are all sold at a luxury fashion price that might seem expensive to some people. Wait for sales to find cheaper shoes that might be more affordable. You might also want to check second-hand sales such as eBay but always beware of fakes as Gucci is indeed one of the most copied labels in the world.


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