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The Michael by Michael Kors line

The designer Michael Kors launched his own brand in 1981 but will wait many years before launching another line, names Michael by Michael Kors that was born into the fashion word in 2004. Full collection, the line includes ready-to-wear for men and women as well as accessories, handbags, shoes, watches or even eyewear. The designer’s purpose with this line was to please a new kind of customers with cheaper items and younger looks while always keeping in mind the sophistication of the label and its very urban style. Michael by Michael Kors try to put luxury fashion at more reasonable prices for those who have a lower clothing budget.

The Michael by Michael Kors shoe style

Young in mind, Michel by Michel Kors of course understands that its customers can have several lives in one and helps them to find good footwear for any occasions. Next to stiletto heels and ankle boots with very feminine lines, you will thus find patent leather ballerina flats or comfortable sneakers. Colors are also quite wide with flashy tones, wild prints or metallic colors so that these shoes can fit all needs and looks, from the simple and elegant outfit to the going-out dress to go out dancing with friends. This is what a shoe collection for a woman of the 21st century looks like: variety, sophistication, quality and originality with strong items that will any look to be put forward and have a something special.

Quality and prices for the Michael by Michael Kors shoes

The Michael by Michael Kors shoes are much cheaper than the shoes from the designer’s main line and prices generally go from $100 to $400, while always bringing quality to the customers with nice leathers and a lot of attention put on details.


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