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Stella McCartney shoes

In addition to her ready-to-wear collections, Stella McCartney also designs shoes with a much particular style, quite similar to her other lines. The designer of course follows the same beliefs for shoes as well as for clothing: being a vegetarian, she never uses leather nor fur, replacing them by faux, but nonetheless looking for great quality. Each collection has about ten pairs of different shoes, with sandals, flats, pumps and boots.

How to wear Stella McCartney shoes

Stella McCartney shoes are quite strong fashion items, with a true identity but that doesn’t make them hard to wear. The designer really likes making elegant but simple things, creating thus collections that can please many people and fit many looks. No eccentricity, but a great attention to details – a small gold piece, a wooden sole, a retro heel, platforms – are what makes the brand’s products very interesting. With different kind of designs, it will be easy to find something to wear with a smart dress, but also to the office or more casual, with jeans. Whatever your style, the Stella McCartney shoes bring to the look a something special, unique and fabulous.

Stella McCartney for Adidas

Stella McCartney has been working with Adidas since 2004, designing a special collection, exclusively for the sport brand. This collection includes sportwear – leggings, tank tops, ski jackets – and also of course sport shoes. These shoes mainly are trainers and ballet flats (which are perfect for practicing yoga!). The shapes are quite delicate with a real desire to create feminine items. Colors are bright and even neon with pinks and yellows. With this collection, Stella McCartney goes through a real challenge and proves that it is entirely possible to make sporty designs, and particularly sport shoes, while not forgetting about style, fashion and elegance.


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