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As many ready-to-wear labels, Phillip Lim also offers a whole line of accessories and handbags.The Phillip Lim handbags are most of the time made of leather and come in many colors with lots of details that give them all their style. They will put a touch of elegance to any look, even the simplest ones. Forward-looking, the label makes a bag that was especially well thought, called the 31-hour-bag, because it is big enough to carry anything necessary for 31 hours of one’s very active life.

The Phillip Lim Pashli satchel

Phillip Lim said that the Pashli was ‘’born from the idea of motorbike bags, with which each detail has a meaning, making it a very practical bag. It goes with the Phillip Lim woman’s lifestyle – a woman who works, who is true and who wears her things from day to day. For me, it is very important that the bag adapt itself to the life of the one who carries it rather than the opposite.’’ A large leather satchel with two zips to make it even bigger if needed, the Pashli is indeed perfect for the everyday life of very busy woman who always needs to bring many things with her anywhere she goes. A very successful item of the Phillip Lim handbag collections, the Pashli comes back each season in different colors and also exists in smaller sizes and clutches.

The Phillip Lim Edie bag

The Edie is a shoulder bag, smaller than the Pashli and it-bag of the year 2009. It might be harder to buy it today, but you can still check outlet. With its large bow, leather and studs, Edie was the perfect mix of glamor and rock’n’roll, straight away worn by celebrities such as Rachel Bilson or Leighton Meisteer.


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