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Bottega Veneta and the intrecciato technique

Bottega Veneta is known today as much for its accessories than for its ready-to-wear collections. Leather goods were what made the label famous when it was created in 1966. The name Bottega Veneta itself is a reflection if its handicraft way of doing things as it means the Venetian Workshop in Italian. And handicraft was what brought success to the label. It was indeed in Bottega Veneta’s workshop that a special technique for braiding leather, called the intrecciato, was invented and soon became a symbol for the label and its designs.

Bottega Veneta bags

The intrecciato is used for most the handbags made by the brand, giving them a special look easily recognized, with straps of leather braided together. This technique is usually used with very colorful leathers for a unique result, full of luxury chic. Whether you choose to wear a Bottega Veneta handbag with a smart look or with a more casual one, you are always sure to have the fashion detail needed to make a statement.

The Bottega Veneta must-haves: the Knot bag and the Hobo

Two of the label’s designs come back each season and put forward the intrecciato in every possible way. The Knot handbag first of all is a small hard clutch which got its name from the knot that is its clasp. The other must-have of the brand is the Hobo, a large handbag in soft intrecciato leather and made in many different colors. With these two items, Bottega Veneta manages to prove it can adapt itself to any occasions and life events, the Knot being the perfect accessory for a going-out or very classy outfit while the Hobo as this everyday chic while being practical, all that is necessary in a daytime bag a busy woman needs.


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