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Burberry Shoes & Accessories bag for women

Bags from the Burberry Shoes & Accessories line

As its name perfectly states it, the Burberry Shoes & Accessories line includes collections of accessories, handbags and shoes by the prestigious British brand. If one label only had to be chosen to reflect the British luxury fashion style, this label would with no doubt be Burberry. The British style of Burberry is very obvious in its handbags: elegance, simplicity, a touch of country-side and aristocracy are all words that could describe it. Quality is thus very important for the brand which only works with nice materials, great leathers while always looking for originality in its designs and using colors peculiar to the label’s identity.

The Burberry Bowling bag

The bowling bag is a British classic, and a Burberry classic too. Inspired by this trapezoide or rounder shape, the label has developed the Bowling bag into different styles and colors, with leather, suede, and sometimes metallic tones, giving it a very particular look and proving that it absolutely possible to bring modernity and trends to a more traditional item.

Tartan Burberry handbag

The tartan print is as Burberriest as can be, and one of the most famous fashion prints ever. With a beige background, brown and red stripes, it not only became a symbol of the label but also of luxury and classic chic. It was almost replaced in the 2000s by another print but the clients’ requests were stronger and the famous tartan quickly came back in the designs. In order to please the clients who really like this print, Burberry tries to use this tartan on many items as possible, whether it be clothing or accessories. With Burberry Shoes & Accessories, it will thus also be possible to find more or less tartan, depending on the seasons and collections.


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