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Christian Louboutin bags and clutches

The French designer might be more famous for its very feminine shoes with extra high heels and red soles but Christian Louboutin is not only a specialist in luxury footwear as he also designs a whole line of handbags. The style of this bags is very similar to those of the label’s shoes, with a great deal of glamor and extravaganza through leopard prints, fur, flashy colors, studs, gold and chains. The collections generally include large leather handbags that would be perfect for an everyday look but a majority of the items are more sophisticated. This sophistication is particularly true with small bags and clutches, perfect accessories for a night out or to turn quite a simple outfit into something mouth-dropping.

The pill clutch bag

2012 saw Christian Louboutin’s twentieth anniversary and for this occasion, the designer re-released twenty of its most iconic pairs of shoes. Not to forget the handbags that have also become symbols of the labels along the years, a very special clutch was designed, called the pill clutch bag because of its shape into a blue and white pill. Once again, Christian Louboutin showed that humor, originality and elegance can go hand in hand to create great fashion accessories, and this clutch is a perfect illustration of the designer’s world and ideas that have built his success.

Buy a cheap Louboutin bag

As luxury accessories, the Louboutin handbags and clutches can be quite expensive to some of us. There will thankfully be many different ways to purchase one than buy a new one, and cheaper. Check the sales first that could be very interesting, but also outlet shops where you will find older collections. Finally, think second-hand sales but always be careful because of the many fakes that exist.


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