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Diane Von Furstenberg bags

The Diane Von Furstenberg bag collection is the proof that a ready-to-wear label can also make full collections of accessories, and do it well. Many styles can indeed be seen here, with handbags of all sizes and shapes, and something to please anyone at any occasion. Original designs, not so common colors and prints, these bags really have the designer’s style and touch. They are items with a unique look, both fun and elegant. The bags are made of different materials, such as leather, fur, or even snake skin.

The Diane Von Furstenberg iPad cases

Diane Von Furstenberg is far from being one of these designers who live in the past and is quite aware of new technologies. The label thus not only makes nice handbags but also has in its accessory line a few iPod, laptop and iPhone cases. But why buy a designer item for this kind of things? First of all for the quality – the iPad case is made of nice leather – but also for all the lively colors available, and last but not least, to be practical as the iPad case was really well thought with its many pockets to be quite convenient.

The Stephanie bag

The Stephanie is one of Diane Von Furstenberg must wanted bags, not surprisingly thanks to its unique look and special style. Worn by many celebrities, the Stephanie is made of soft woven leather and comes in several sizes. It will be perfect for an everyday handbag and will nicely fit casual looks with a pair of jeans and a blouse. Its oblong shape has a something very bohemian chic that many city girls will love. The metallic colors – generally blue or silver – also have a very special rock’n’roll touch making this handbag a real modern accessory.


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