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Jil Sander’s bag style

Raf Simons was the creative director who had the fantastic idea to launch a handbag line for Jil Sander. The Madame quickly became a classic, but the label also offers many more styles with shoulder bags and clutches, simple lines and nice quality leather.

The Jil Sander plastic market bag

Some designer’s eccentric idea often becomes the main topic on everyone’s lips in the fashion world, because the item that was created is either shocking or that its esthetic is not seen by many people. In 2011, the label all were talking about was Jil Sander who showed a plastic bag as an accessory for the Spring Summer collection. Not a bag made of plastic, but a market plastic bag, like the ones you can have at the supermarket, in neon orange and sold for a bit more than $100. Provocation or creativity? Whatever the opinions might be, it is made of acetate and probably of better quality than a supermarket bag. If you are looking to buy one now, think second-hand, but it might be difficult.

The Madame Jil Sander handbag

In 2010, while Raf Simons was still creative director, Jil Sander launched a handbag which will quickly become a hit. The Madame is, as its name perfectly shows it, an accessory with a retro elegance, particularly thanks to its metal clasp. Practical, it can be carried by the hand but also on the shoulder thanks to its long straps. The Madame exists in three different sizes to fit all of your needs. The label has the bag in all its new collections with different colors, from bright green to black chic. Whether you want to upgrade a too simple pair of jeans or act like a lady, the Madame is perfect.


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