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Jimmy Choo built himself a true fashion name thanks to his amazing shoes and after this success decided to concentrate on another essential accessory of the female wardrobe: handbags. Once again, the label offers great collections, with many types of bags and crazy styles. Large bags for the everyday life, evening clutches, small shoulder handbags, anything and everything can be found in these collections, and for any occasion. The style of Jimmy Choo’s bags is quite similar to his shoes’: original designs, nice leather, colors, glamorous and unexpected details such as feathers, studs, velvet … but always trying to be as elegant as possible.

A black Jimmy Choo bag

Jimmy Choo usually enjoys playing with bright colors, but black is nonetheless a shade he qui often decides to use for his designs, especially with handbags. You might think that black is too basic, but that would be forgetting that nothing ever is boring at Jimmy Choo’s. The designer turns black into something exciting with retro looks or very rock’n’roll ones, with velvet, chains or even by simple putting black next to bolder colors. Even in black, a Jimmy Choo handbag will always be something unique and out of the ordinary.

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Prices for a Jimmy Choo handbag generally go from $500 to $2000 but some items might be even more expensive - $3000, $7000 – because of their materials. If you would like to buy a cheaper bag, you can of course first of all check sales. They might not be the cheaper solution though. Luxury outlet shops might indeed be the best idea for interesting prices as they sell older collections. You can also look for second-hand bags but always be careful to avoid buying a fake, quite numerous on ebay!


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