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The designer Jérôme Dreyfuss

Jérôme Dreyfuss started his career by working for John Galliano before being employed by the Elite Agency and then finally launch his own brand. After designing ready-to-wear collections for a few years, he started to concentrate only on accessories, more particularly on handbags. His first collection, called “Roots de luxe”, was a hit and started a new trend: the soft leather handbag. With this huge success, Jerome Dreyfuss’s creations quickly became real it-bags and accessory must-haves. In 2012, the designer decided to also use his talent to please men with Monsieur Dreyfuss, a collection only made of men’s bags. Who said they couldn’t enjoy a nice designer piece too?

The Dreyfuss handbag style

Jérôme Dreyfuss’s bags are made following a very simple idea: large bags, made of great quality soft leather, easy and not too heavy to carry. Always looking for the funny detail, each bag is given a male name. These bags are thought for suiting nicely the everyday life of the urban girls, always on the move and carrying their whole lives with them anywhere they go. They are soft, big and each one of them has a very particular shape. Each collection sees new looking-forward items, but best-sellers also come back with different colors and improved details.

The must-haves: Carlos, Billy and Etienne

All bags by Jérôme Dreyfuss are very much desirable, but a few names seem to attract women more than others. Billy for example was one of the first label’s creations, and is so lovable with its pocket on the front and handles to carry it on the arm or the shoulder. Carlos is more rectangular, with openings on the side to make the bag bigger if needed. Last but not least, Etienne is a large round-shaped bag with a long shoulder strap.


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