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Michael Kors has a very nice line of handbags with numerous items coming in different materials, colors and sizes to fit many looks. The style is quite classical with very feminine lines and neutral shades such as brown, black, beige, even a few brighter colors can sometimes be seen like red or purple. Most of the bags have handles to be carried by the hand or arm, and many shapes have a retro something that many will like.

The line Michael by Michael Kors: bags

The line Michael by Michael Kors offers handbags with a more casual style. These bags usually have more details, such as studs, and more colors, with orange, leopard prints or metallic tones. This is where you want to look if you want a canvas tote or a large practical bag. Prices are also cheaper and will be nicer to small budgets that might not be able to pay for the main line. Less elegant but thought for the everyday life, these bags would be perfect with casual and simple looks.

Buy a Michael Kors bag: prices, sales, second-hand

A bag by Michael Kors is a true luxury accessory and thus quite expensive, with prices generally starting around $900 and up to $1500. Prices will of course vary depending on shapes and materials used, python and fur bags can even cost more than $2000. If you want a cheaper Michael Kors bag, don’t forget to first check sales where prices start to be more interesting. If still too expensive for your budget, think about outlet shops where you can buy items from older collections, and for half the price of a new bag, even less sometimes. Last but not least, second-hand and ebay can be a solution, but beware of fakes!


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