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Marc Jacobs canvas tote

Marc Jacobs is well-known for its totes to which the label likes to give different styles and colors at each collection and season. Some of these totes are made of canvas of course, but many will also be made of leather, or even of plastic, resulting in something with a unique style. Whether you need a tote to go to the beach or a more elegant one to stay in the city, you can be sure Marc Jacobs is the right label to look at. Think a bout checking the Special Items line which regularly offers totes cheaper than the ones from the main line.

The Stam Bag

One of Marc Jacobs’s most famous bags made in 2005, the Stam is not a huge bag, made of quilted leather like many of the label’s items, and with a small golden clasp, a chain as well as handles to be carried by the arm or on the shoulder. Both modern and retro, this handbag perfectly represents the Marc Jacobs style. And where does its name come from? The Stam is a tribute to the model Jessica Stam, friend with the designer. This it-bag comes back in each collection in new colors and also exists as the Baby Stam, a bit smaller.

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Marc Jacobs bags are quite easy to buy, in the label’s shops or many other retailers such as Bloomigdales. If the luxury prices are too high for your budget, you will find cheaper bags during the sales of course, but not only. The best prices are found in outlet shops, such as TheOutnet. Think also second-hand even if this option might be slippery: many fakes, with a lower quality, are indeed quite common, so always be careful when buying your bag!


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