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Marni handbag style

Marni is of course and first of all a ready-to-wear label but that has been looking for other ways to please its customers and thus has launched an accessory line with shoes and handbags. The goal was fulfilled with the label’s bags, very well thought for the everyday life and to carry many things around but still with strong designs. Some of these bags are of course made of leather, but some others can also be made of suede, wool or even fur, and the details can sometimes turn a simple handbag into a piece of jewelry. Colors are far from being classical, with bright tones and many shades mixed together for quite a surprising result.

A canvas Marni tote

Marni likes to play with the materials used for its handbags, and it will be quite common to find some made of canvas, particularly with totes. These large bags are really perfect for the everyday life, and have as much style as they are convenient. They will fit in perfectly with many outfits, and especially with casual looks to go shopping or walking. The Marni canvas tote exists in different sizes, styles and many colors, it will thus be quite easy to find one that you will like. The shapes are quite simple, but the prints are the details that always surprise everyone.

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Depending on the bag, the shape and of course the material, the prices at Marni can greatly vary. The cheaper bags will usually costs around $300 and the most expensive ones can go up to $2000. The label has an official eshop shipping to the USA and many other countries all around the world, on which you can either shop by item or mood and with most of the Marni collections.


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