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Olympia Le-Tan: the designer

Even though Olympia Le-Tan had an artistic soul and loved retro fahsion, she didn’t think about joining the fashion world until Gilles Dufour, designer and friend of her father, discovered her drawings and decided to help her by getting her a job at Chanel. In 2009, she launches a more personal project on which she had been working for quite a while: a handbag label with a very original and uncommon style.

Olympia Le-Tan clutch bags

Out of the ordinary perfectly describes Olympia Le-Tan’s world. She is indeed known for her clutch bags shaped in books with the most famous titles of the History of literature. These book covers are embroidered with pictures both surrealistic and romantic. The inspiration is very retro, and the clutches insides are usually covered by a nice print such as liberty flowers. Luxury items, these bags are made as a limited edition, making them even more special. “La Peste” by Camus, “Le Malade Imaginaire” by Molière, Emily Dickinson, “The Catcher in the Rye” by Salinger are thus only a few examples of some titles the designer has already chosen to turn into clutches.

Olympia Le-Tan Milk bag

Olympia Le-Tan has built her name around her now famous book clutches, but the designer has quickly decided to also focus on other designs, always keeping the same humor and creativity. Her Milk bags are about the same size as the Book clutches but have a strap to be carried on the shoulder. As the name states it, this bag is shaped into a milk carton and comes in different colors. Always looking for new ideas that would fit into her funny style, Olympia Le-Tan also makes shaped into medicine boxes – with the Brozac or the Wiagra bags – first aid briefcase, or simpler canvas tote.


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