Pierre Hardy bag

Pierre Hardy bag review

The designer Pierre Hardy and his handbags

Pierre Hardy started making himself a name in the world of fashion by designing shoes, but he quickly decided to also look on the handbag field, both shoes and bags going perfectly together. His handbags are unique and have a style peculiar to the label and the designer. Lines are quite geometrical, very modern and a bit minimalist. Colors are strong and unexpected shades come together, such as black and electric blue, or black and brown with a bit of grey. If the colors can be seen as quite basic, the way they are used is not though, and this is what brings the Pierre Hardy’s designs a great look, in between classic and unexpected modernity.

Pierre Hardy backpack

The label makes several types of handbags for each of its collections, but is also very looked for because of its backpacks. This accessory came back into fashion a few years ago and is a huge reminder of the nineties and highschool times. With Pierre Hardy, the backpack becomes a luxury item made of high quality leather, with leopard prints and several practical pockets. We are quite far away here from the backpack you might have carried around as a teenager. This bag is magically turned into a luxury and elegant accessory, making a real fashion statement in our wardrobes. Wear it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a rock’n’roll something for a casual trendy look.

Pierre Hardy messenger bag

With the messenger bag, Pierre Hardy follows the same idea that drove his backpacks: take a practical but not that trendy bag and turn it into something modern, chic and uncommon. Whether for a man or a woman, the messenger bag will be perfect for an urban and young outfit.


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