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Valentino offers many types of handbags in his collections, from the elegant evening clutch to the larger leather bag for the everyday life. Colors, materials, details, designs, all is thought to follow the general label’s style: very feminine, as glamorous as possible and elegant whatever the situation might be.

A red Valentino handbag

Red is THE Valentino color, and has been since the designer started working in fashion. As a trademark, red is often used in the label’s collections and particularly with handbags. Valentino shows that red is a perfect accessory color with its femme fatale looks and flashy shades hard to miss. A red handbag will fit many styles and will bring a something quite uncommon to any outfit, even the simplest ones.

A black Valentino bag

Black, whether it be with a patent leather or not, is quite often used on Valentino handbags. More classical than red, black is quite easy to match any outfit – there are not that many shades and styles that won’t suit black! More discreet, black is also a great choice for a luxury bag that you might want to keep on wearing for years, and this color will not that easily go out of fashion. For Valentino, black does not have to be boring as the designer quite often marries the color to studs and other details.

Buy a cheap Valentino bag

If the prices of brand new Valentino handbags are too high for you, there will be many other ways to explore and find a cheaper bag. Have a look first at sales of course as they might turn being very interesting. But the cheaper prices will be found in outlet stores – where you can buy items from older collections – or in second-hand offers, but beware of fakes.


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Selective shipping guide of these fancy VALENTINO Bags Online. Bags Valentino.

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RED VALENTINO Bags. Design Bags made by Red Valentino.

Selective shipping guide of these fancy VALENTINO Bags Online. Bags Valentino.

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