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Chanel bag reviewed

The Chanel handbag style

Chanel manages to make bags in between classical and modern styles. The logo and shapes are part of an out-of-time luxury way of thinking that built the Chanel House, but the materials and colors always bring surprises at each season. Whatever your own style is, a Chanel handbag will always be the quintessential sophisticated accessory. If there is only one to be, let it be this one.

The 2-55 and the Chanel Timeless Classic

These two bags are very close together in style and the most famous items of the label. The 2-55 is the oldest one and was designed in February 1955 – hence the name – by Coco Chanel herself. The Timeless Classic is the modern version of this bag, designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 80s. The main difference between the two handbags is the clasp, the “Fermoir Mademoiselle” of the 2-55 being much more discreet than the double C – and Chanel logo – used for the Timeless Classic. Since the creation of the Timeless Classic, Chanel has stopped producing the 2-55, which can now be quite difficult to find. Both bags have the same design, and are very easy to recognized: rectangle-shaped, quilted leather, chain for the shoulder. They perfectly represent the Chanel chic and glamor, and have secret and lipstick pockets.

A cheap Chanel bag

Chanel handbags might be close to perfection, this perfection nonetheless has a price and buying luxury goods can be very expensive. Not everyone can afford putting that much money into a handbag, so what is there to be done? Sales can first of all be interesting, but your best shot at finding a cheap Chanel bag will be with second-hand sells, if you are careful to avoid fakes. And even if expensive, you will keep this bag your whole life!


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