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The French label Longchamp is synonym with luxury travel and leather goods, made through a high search of quality and a century old handicraft. The style is classic and out of time, and the Longchamp handbags can go through years, seasons and trends without ever getting old. Jean Cassegrain, who launched the label in 1948, was not thinking about entering the fashion world though when he first started working. Owner of a smoke shop, he slowly started to add some leather goods in his windows that really pleased his customers and pushed him to explore the field a bit further. Just like that, Longchamp – named after the Parisian racecourse – was born.

The Longchamp Le Pliage tote

The Longchamp handbags, with their luxury quality, leather and elegance, cannot be aford by anyone and many women would find them quite expensive. This was the reason why in 1993, Longchamp created a new bag named Le Pliage. One of the most famous items of the label and of French fashion, Le Pliage is a must-have for any Parisian style admirer. His shape and colorful canvas can be recognized in one glance and are what built his look. Well thought, it can be fold to easily fit in a suitcase. Le Pliage exists in four different sizes and many colors, and you can even buy the purse or the pouch to match the bag. The Longchamp website also offers to create your own Le Pliage. Through four steps, you will choose the size and the color of your tote.

Kate Moss for Longchamp

The famous British model has been working with Longchamp since 2010, designing modern and chic handbags, travel bags and clutches. These goods are made of leather or python and are in between the model’s style and Longchamp’s elegance.


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