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The Vanessa Bruno tote and its glittery sequins

Vanessa Bruno is before anything a ready-to-wear designer who makes clothing, simple but elegant and with a very French, and Parisian, chic. But the designer is mostly famous for her handbags that very quickly became hits and are now part of the world of fashion classics. The tote is probably the most known of these bags. Large, with two handles, it is easily recognizable thanks to its two stripes of shiny sequins. The bag can be found in many colors and three different sizes – small, medium and large. Most of the time made of canvas, it can also sometimes be made of leather or even linen. It is said that one Vanessa Cabas tote is being sold every thirty minutes in the world! If this is not success, then what is?

Leather handbag: the Lune bag

After the success of her tote, Vanessa Bruno decided not to stop there and at the beginning of the 2000s, the designer started working on a new look for a bag that she would named after her daughter: the Lune bag was born. It is made in two kinds of sizes. The smaller one is very urban with its long shape and can be carried with the arm. The larger one was thought to carry many things around and its shape is quite close to a tote. Whatever the shape or size, the Lune comes back in each collection, always made of nice leathers, with large practical pockets and new colors.

Cheap Vanessa Bruno bags and sales

Compared to many luxury fashion brands, the Vanessa Bruno handbags are not that expensive, but can still be for some of us. You will find cheaper bags during sales of course, but the bags are also available in outlets.


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