About Stylig

The concept

Stylig is the first search engine dedicated to fashion content. We index around 3000 new contents per day and make it available trough keyword search, tags browsing and similarities. The websites indexed by stylig are submitted by the community and get accepted by the robot if they are relevant with the topic and some quality requirements.

The technology

Stylig technology is based on the 3C Platfom, offered by Labsmedia, a cloud computing solutions provider based in Paris. In order to run the service, we use a powerful and sophisticated architecture of softwares, working all together in order to deliver fast and relevant results.

Our vision

Stylig is not trying to give you an exhaustive list of results as the leading search engines do quite good, but our goal is to provide precise, qualitative and fresh results within the topic of fashion. We also understood that a robot alone doesn't have the ability to judge if a website is "fashion" or not, that's why Stylig is based half on the technology, half on the community.

Always in progress

Launched as Beta Version in 2010, we will continue to implement new features and improve the search results quality, among time. Please don't hesitate to contact the support if you need any help or if you have some suggestions to improve the service.

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