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At Home Hair care tips At Home Hair care tips *Contains Affiliate links 2020 has been an unexpected year, to say the least with everyone in the UK going through a longer than normal period at home during the lockdown and with Salons closed for weeks on end many of us had to take our haircare into our own hands and I should know, I shaved...Published on October 1 2020, 21:45At Home Hair care tips  

Alt Ruffle Style Bubble Alt Ruffle Style Bubble Kids in Paris had a right laugh during haute couture fashion week. They had a bright fuschia pink and a blur of an oversized floral smock to point and giggle at on the Metro. I was mightily content though to be the laughing stocking because I had an awesome time, swishing, rustling and...Published on February 4 2016, 21:11Alt Ruffle Style Bubble  

A Thought on Vicky B A Thought on Vicky B I'm overwhelmed by the brilliance of the old-is-the-new-new Gucci, having just attended the resort show in New York. But before I fawn over all things Gucci and woo you with about 1,000 pictures (Alessandro Michele naysayers be gone... ), I have quite different sort of a resort show to talk...Published on June 7 2015, 21:46A Thought on Vicky B  

Anarchic Aesthete Style Bubble Anarchic Aesthete Style Bubble When I was making a vague attempt to house hunt in the oh-so-hot-right-now area of Walthamstow, estate agents would constantly bleat on about a property being in the vicinity of the William Morris Gallery and why that made it xxx amount more expensive. That broken record did wear thin after a...Published on April 25 2015, 20:41Anarchic Aesthete Style Bubble  

British Fashion Council names 37 designers receiving COVID-19 emergency fund support British Fashion Council names 37 designers receiving COVID-19 emergency fund support The British Fashion Council has announced the first recipients of its emergency fund, helping members of the fashion industry navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Thirty-seven British designer businesses, out of 220 applications, have been named in the first round, with the BFC using its £1 million...Published on May 16 2020, 18:00British Fashion Council names 37 designers receiving COVID-19 emergency fund support  

From Runway to Rostrum From Runway to Rostrum This week, Prada and Sotheby's unveiled a selection of highlights from "Tools of Memory", an online auction to raise funds for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and its efforts to safeguard learning for students around the world in the face of the...Published on September 19 2020, 20:42From Runway to Rostrum  

Hey Mickey! Style Bubble Hey Mickey! Style Bubble The blog has been back burning for a bit.With some good reason (some inexplicable ones) that will be revealed further down the line and in the interim there were a few comments that cried out "Where are your outfits?What's all this serious guff you're writing about?"Someone's general wish is...Published on June 22 2016, 16:20Hey Mickey! Style Bubble  

A 21st Century Barbie World A 21st Century Barbie World Aqua may have been on to something back in 1997. Their song "Barbie Girl" and its cheeky lyrics riled up Mattel so much so that they subsequently tried to sue Aqua's record label for tarnishing the reputation of their most precious commodity. Fast forward fifteen years and Mattel are perhaps...Published on September 2 2015, 21:50A 21st Century Barbie World  

Chanel shows Mademoiselle Privé Bouton watch collection Chanel shows Mademoiselle Privé Bouton watch collection The humble button becomes the centre of Chanel's latest haute horlogerie collection Filed by Lucire staff/July 30, 2020/11.20 Further applause for Chanel for keeping up a good pace of new releases despite the pandemic—it's no doubt a mixture of deep pockets and a desire to be one of the few...Published on August 1 2020, 15:42Chanel shows Mademoiselle Privé Bouton watch collection  

Couture Lab Style Bubble Couture Lab Style Bubble This post Cali-funk ends today.As haute couture in Paris quickly segued into my holiday, I've lagged behind a bit on thoughts on the remainder of the week.I wanted to revisit John Galliano's second show Artisanal show for Maison Margiela in particular for its all-angles, all-encompassing...Published on July 31 2015, 21:57Couture Lab Style Bubble  

The New Gucci Girl The New Gucci Girl Who is the Gucci girl?Under Tom Ford, you knew who she was. She had powerful allure and either you wanted to be her or at the very least, you commended her bravado.Under Frida Giannini, she was a bit elusive.Did you ever know her in real life?Or was she just constantly trussed up in...Published on March 4 2015, 18:36The New Gucci Girl  

My Look: Dior Love Sandra's Closet My Look: Dior Love Sandra's Closet Dior has some renowned looks that you should consider adding to your wardrobe. The Bar jacket is one of them, an iconic New Look piece, created by Christian Dior in 1947. Reinterpreted by Maria Grazia Chiuri for S/S 2020, it is made from Tussah silk with Dior's iconic textured houndstooth...Published on June 30 2020, 19:53My Look: Dior Love Sandra's Closet  

All Rise Aries Style Bubble All Rise Aries Style Bubble Click on Aries and you'll find yourself in web 1.0 with an array of erm... 'funky' fashions.Click on and you're not quite sure whether you've happed on to a fashion label site or not as you're met with an assemblage of Google Images randomness.Those in the know – and...Published on April 2 2015, 21:18All Rise Aries Style Bubble  

Mad Awks Style Bubble Mad Awks Style Bubble >> Yesterday's quote from Chloe's House of Voltaire tag has lingered with me – "The Beautiful is Always Strange." This sentiment perhaps didn't always resonate so strongly, especially in fashion. The "strange" was once upon a time feared and derided as being the opposite of beautiful. Now the...Published on November 14 2014, 21:43Mad Awks Style Bubble  

Internal Monologues Style Bubble Internal Monologues Style Bubble Ever since I've been come back from my Christmas break, I've been afflicted with the strangest dreams every night.Some feature death of love ones.Some are more surreal as I waft through imaginary theme parks and mish mashes of places that I've been to.Some are scarily real – like when I woke...Published on January 16 2016, 15:12Internal Monologues Style Bubble  

Port Eliot 2016: Back to UNReality Style Bubble Port Eliot 2016: Back to UNReality Style Bubble Resuscitating blog in action.Pump.Pump.Pump.The faintest of heartbeats can just about be detected.It just might make it past this restful summer... On the subject of life resuscitation, some of you might know that the reason why the blog has gone into a coma-like state for the past month or...Published on August 16 2016, 15:22Port Eliot 2016: Back to UNReality Style Bubble  

Chloé's Natacha Ramsay-Levi Steps Down Chloé's Natacha Ramsay-Levi Steps Down On December 2nd, I was invited by Net-à-Porter to join a live event hosted by Alison Loehnis, President of NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER and Natacha Ramsay-Levi, Creative Director of Chloé to discuss the S/S 2021 collection. I was so keen on it and hoped to make it on time as the moving company...Published on December 5 2020, 21:18Chloé's Natacha Ramsay-Levi Steps Down  

Koryo Saram Style Bubble Koryo Saram Style Bubble After less than two hours of arriving into Moscow proper, I had already met a designer I got quite excited about. I was introduced to Jenia Kim, designer of J. Kim, a fairly new Moscow-based label that is proposing clothes steeped in traditional Korean attire and tradition – not as odd a...Published on April 16 2015, 17:29Koryo Saram Style Bubble  

One Sweet Thing Style Bubble One Sweet Thing Style Bubble Out of the frosty temperatures (in the clothes as well as the weather?) of New York Fashion Week, yesterday comparatively speaking, London felt tropical. The same could be said for the clothes. Not tropical in theme but in that collectively, a trio of young female designers showing on the...Published on February 24 2015, 09:45One Sweet Thing Style Bubble  

Prada Timecapsule December Drop Prada Timecapsule December Drop On December 3rd, 2020 the monthly Prada Timecapsule drop will be launched on – at 3pm CET – for 24 hours only. It is an exclusive product drop of 50 items, occurring once a month, each first Thursday. This series of drops offer a classic boxy shirt, one of Prada's wardrobe...Published on December 3 2020, 19:45Prada Timecapsule December Drop  

Stuff your stocking with tiny treasures from Mary Kay! Stuff your stocking with tiny treasures from Mary Kay! Mary Kay Mini Essential Eye Brush Set - $18 - includes Eye Detail Brush, Eye Shadow Brush and Eye Blender Brush tucked inside a pretty spotted zippered pouch. Mary Kay Mini Blending Sponge Set - $16 - includes 4 mini-size blending sponges for hard-to-reach areas that are amazingly portable....Published on December 3 2020, 13:52Stuff your stocking with tiny treasures from Mary Kay!  

Rêve Away With Dior Rêve Away With Dior If we're calling fashion exhibitions at museums "blockbusters", a term coined when Met's 2011 Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty broke all visitor records at the time, then trailers must be warranted. Consider this to be a bumper trailer for a bumper exhibition. Christian Dior: Designer of...Published on July 15 2017, 15:33Rêve Away With Dior  

New U Village Retailers Announce Curbside Pickup New U Village Retailers Announce Curbside Pickup In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, over a dozen retailers at Seattle's University Village have announced curbside pickup. Starting this week, select retailers will allow customers to shop online or over the phone and pickup merchandise within set business hours. See the current list...Published on May 22 2020, 17:46New U Village Retailers Announce Curbside Pickup  

My Look: Class of 2020 Sandra's Closet My Look: Class of 2020 Sandra's Closet This week was so emotional for me. I had to watch my daughter's graduation via Youtube as parents were not allowed at the ceremony due to the current corona situation. I am so proud of her and cannot believe that my little girl will be leaving soon to study in Boston. When I picked her up, I...Published on June 12 2020, 15:58My Look: Class of 2020 Sandra's Closet  

Desert Sighting Style Bubble Desert Sighting Style Bubble Yelp isn't generally a reliable indication of Top Shopping destinations but when you're in the middle of a desert where good quality vintage clothes (not consignment furniture or design wares...PLENTY of those if you can afford the shipping costs) are generally slim pickings, then this...Published on May 12 2015, 11:19Desert Sighting Style Bubble  

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