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0 0 KSNY x Darcel | Kate Spade Darcel | Kate Spade Craig Redman It includes sunglasses and stilettos mixed with taxis, hot dogs and to-go coffee cups For KSNY x Darcel, Redman created an exclusive girl version of his popular character Darcel who navigates the highs and lows of life as a New Yorker on the blog darcel disappoints. In an interview with...  

0 0 Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 50th Anniversary Campaign with Darcel Disappoints! Darcel Disappoints, and a fresh batch of stellar artists. Featuring 10 new tracks, the 50th Anniversary Mixed Tape heralds the future of great music with a lineup that includes Paradise Animals, Red Sails, Kognitif and Desert Blues, artists with a mind –- and sound — of their own. Listen to the  

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