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Check the new Holy Tee Tops from the brand Holy Tee.

Embellished with a rainbow of diamantés, this attention-grabbing style is surprisingly versatile and will make a color-pop impact with everything from simple tees to crisp shirts. Channel the global traveler trend in the most glamorous way with Venessa Arizaga's eclectic brass and thread...

Justin Bieber and Kanye West tees from Deer Dana's collection. Photo: Courtesy of Deer Dana We're obsessed with a lot of things here at MTV Style, but holy moly, do we have an intense metaphysical ache for Deer Dana T-shirts. Designed by Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel and sold at Opening...

Being completely nonliteral about "holy chic" today. Just an ironic graphic tee, which I'm kind of in love with, and my trusty pair of Levi cut-offs. Also just generally trying to wear nothing at all while this Summer comes to a close. All limbs, baby. Emily stuck to a material way softer than...

Purchase all the new items of Holy Tee cardigan now. Sweater Designed by Holy Tee.

Skirt brand: Holy Tee.

A board Holy Tee last collection of tee. Tee by Holy Tee.

Check the new Holy Tee Tops from the brand Holy Tee.